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Working at KADIA



Specialists for KADIA. And persons.

We are a medium-sized technology company with a worldwide presence developing the machines and tooling of today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. In doing so, we think and act in a forward-looking manner, work precisely, and create genuine innovations. Our products are of high quality and in demand all over the world. 

You don’t work just somewhere – you work at KADIA.

Keeping an eye on what is best possible 

The prerequisites for creating premium technology are commitment and enthusiasm. Whoever wants to meet these high requirements and demanding challenges needs an ideal work environment. 

Together we aspire to always do things just a little bit better. This works on the basis of a fair and open cooperation. In this way, we ensure a stable and profitable future for everybody.

Qualification with added value

We ensure the company’s innovative strength and sustainability through our specialists. Therefore, we train and raise the level of qualification of our employees and ensure their optimal professional development. 

The systematic development of competences is an integral part of our human resources policy. Only in this way can we achieve the best possible result. 

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Your training at KADIA

We set high standards when it comes to training of young people – both to ourselves and to our trainees. Whoever wants to work in our company has to have enthusiasm for technology – and a strong will to achieve certain results. 

Right in the thick of it – not just on the sidelines: in our company, the trainees come into contact with different sectors and this helps them gain a variety of insights. Our training is conducted in cooperation with other companies.

Are you interested in the newest technologies, varied tasks and a strong community? Then apply now for a training program!


Training professions at KADIA

Mechatronics technician

When a machine is built, you are there from the beginning to the end. You have the opportunity to learn how a machine is made from mechanical and electronic components. Whether circuits or control technology: complex systems have a varied structure. Here is what else you can expect when it comes to combining mechanical and electronic systems: 
  • Assembly of machines and systems
  • Machine start-up/commissioning
  • Programming and installation of the accompanying software  
  • Testing of hardware and software components
  • Error analysis and remedying malfunctions

Electronics technician for automation technology

Face to face with the robot – this awaits you among other things in the course of this training program. Your task is to program the operating sequence of our machines. We show you how to install software and to optimize electro-technical components of the machines. Here are some other tasks that await you:
  • Machine start-up/commissioning and testing
  • Analysis of functional interconnections and process sequences
  • Development of machine sequence programs 
  • Maintenance and repair of facilities 
  • Intervention in case of malfunctions and error diagnostics

Industrial mechanic for machines and systems technology

We teach you how to manufacture and assembly equipment parts and modules for machines and production facilities – down to the last detail. When the machines and production facilities are ready for operation, you have done your job correctly. Your field of activities also includes:
  • Assembly of complex technical systems
  • Machine start-up/commissioning and testing activities
  • Maintenance and repair of facilities 
  • Intervention in case of malfunctions and spare parts procurement
  • Briefing of other persons on the use of the machine


This is where chips fly. You learn to operate and program computer-controlled machine tools. Precision and care are required. You use the technical drawing to determine the work sequence and produce precision parts to the hundredth millimeter. You will deepen your training in one of these areas of application: Lathe systems, milling machine systems or grinding machine systems.
Other focal points that are part of your field of work include
  • Selecting the right materials
  • Clamping workpieces correctly and commissioning machines
  • Recognizing production faults and quality deficiencies

Specialist for metal technology

We offer the two-year apprenticeship in either machining technology or assembly technology. In the profession of a machining technician, everything revolves around working with machine tools. These can be our honing machines, on which you produce high-precision parts for our customers. Or you operate and monitor machine tools that produce components for our internal machine and tool departments. In the field of assembly technology, you will assemble the components into complete products - i.e. into finished machines or tools - with the help of joining techniques. In the final work step, you check the quality and functionality of the products.


Your internship at KADIA

  • What awaits you in a technology company? 
  • What does honing and mechanical deburring actually mean?
  • How to develop today the machines of tomorrow?
  • And what kind of specialists are in demand for successfully putting good ideas into practice?

We would be pleased to answer these and many more questions. This internship offers you the opportunity to get to know our company and our team, as well as our particular corporate culture closely. Face to face with our machines, hand in hand with our professionals. 

We support you during your career orientation process. We are happy to welcome interested and committed pupils to explore our company in the course of a school internship. 

We make machines and tools. Do you want to participate? 


Mechatronics dual studies program with KADIA

Do you want to develop further and master challenging tasks? Within the framework of the dual studies scheme, we open up new perspectives for you and also have faith in your potential. 

The mechatronics dual studies provide the connection between the classical fields of study such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. We work with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative (Dual) State University (DHBW) and teach you, among other things:

  • Programming of mechatronic systems and machines
  • Installing and testing of hardware and software components
  • Function and safety inspections
  • Professional error analysis and troubleshooting 

If you are looking for a task in the premium sector, which is aimed at precision and performance, KADIA is the right place for you! 

Training as an industrial mechanic: “Here everybody has a name and is not just a number, as it is often the case in large companies. I treasure the familiar atmosphere and fair cooperation.”


We are searching for specialists

We develop sophisticated solutions for our customers and, with our specialists, we are always setting new standards in the fields of honing and mechanical deburring. For this reason, we are constantly on the search for qualified specialists and managers. The people that fit our team

  • have innovative spirit, willingness to change and creative power
  • work with great commitment and know-how
  • bring their own passion for technology and solutions.

The entry opportunities and career paths at KADIA are many and varied. Here we respond to each person individually. We invite you to apply for our current job offers. We also welcome unsolicited applications.



Things to know about applications to KADIA

We employ people – therefore we expect documentation, which tells us more about the person. The application should clearly indicate what field of activity you are interested in. Use this checklist:

  • What field are you applying for?
  • Which location are you interested in?
  • Are you interested to take part in a training program or to study? If so: when would you like to start?
  • Do you want to take part in an internship? If so: in which concrete period should it take place?
  • What exactly are the reasons behind your application? 

Application documents

Please provide only complete and relevant supporting documentation. This includes

  • complete documentation with c.v., cover letter, and certificates
  • providing all credentials
  • adding a job application photo

Don’t send us your documentation as separate files, please compile all of it into one PDF document. We would be pleased to receive your application per e-mail. We also welcome unsolicited applications at all times.

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