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We do set standards – worldwide


Pioneer in the high-precision shape and surface processing of metal components

High-precision bores and burr-free workpiece surfaces are our profession – with over 50 years of experience. We set international standards with our premium technologies and we are leading experts in honing and mechanical deburring. We take pride in our level of expertise. 

Partnership with added value

High tech stands in the foreground of our three locations in Germany and USA. Our affiliation with Nagel Group enables our global presence. Our customers include leading vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. Moreover, we are partners to the hydraulic industry as well as to the aerospace technology. 

Always a step ahead

Our goal is to be the technology leader in our sector, and to keep it that way. Therefore, we always push technical possibilities to the limit, and think beyond it. We are continuously driving progress in honing and mechanical deburring technology. This is our long-term promise.

Henning Klein, Managing Director
„We aspire to nothing less than Premium. Precision is our promise. And Enthusiasm drives us.”
Henning Klein, Managing Director


Premium. Precision. Enthusiasm.

High tech and innovations move us. With a firm set of values and a mindset for high-tech innovation, we thrive. These values are the foundation for our actions and our corporate culture. We live and work according to them.


We always seek to extend the limits of what is possible – both from a technical and our personal point of view. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge technology to the highest quality standards.


We are precise – in terms of products, processes and communication. We create solutions tailored to the exact requirements of our customers.


We are excited about what we do. This is our permanent driving force and we want to make it perceptible to everybody. We act humanly, genuinely and sincerely. 



KADIA maintains close contacts with companies and research facilities:

  • KADIA is a part of the internationally active Nagel Group with locations in Europe, USA, China, India and Brazil: www.nagel.com

  • Honing technology: Research cooperation with the Institute of Production Engineering at the Saarland University: www.lft.uni-saarland.de

  • Deburring technology:
    Member of the Advisory Board of Deburring Expo Karlsruhe, Trade Fair for Deburring Technology and Precision Surfaces: www.deburring-expo.de

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