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The highest level of precision


Honing with KADIA

Technologies for high-precision shape and surface processing

Precise bores and perfect surfaces are our goals for your satisfaction. On the market, we are regarded as leading experts for honing and mechanical deburring technology. We develop honing machines, honing tools and abrasives for high-precision finishing of small to medium-sized bore diameters.

entgraten bei kadia


The perfect finish


Deburring with KADIA

Technologies for the burr-free finish

As far as deburring technology is concerned, we have specialized in the development of customer-specific machines. We provide tailor-made solutions for mechanical deburring and finishing of complex workpiece contours.

Deep Hole Drilling with TBT


Deep hole drilling solutions from a single source


Deep Hole Drilling with TBT

Gundrilling with TBT

With TBT’s deep hole drilling machines, their deep hole drilling tools, as well as an US local regrinding service, we are a competent partner for our customers and their deep hole drilling needs – since 2009.


24. July 2023

Ultra-fine filtration for maximum quality at minimum operating cost

The honing process requires thorough cooling, flushing and lubrication of the machining area. Only then can the high quality requirements for honed bores be achieved in a reliable process. Prerequisite is that honing oil arrives at the point of machining at the correct temperature and optimally cleaned.




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