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When high-precision bores are essential


The best process for exact bores

Honing is the most precise metal cutting process for the economical high-precision machining of bores. It offers the highest precision in dimension, shape and surface manufacturing tolerances.

KADIA develops high-end honing technology for small to medium-sized bore diameters. With our Smart Dynamic concept, we offer the most advanced procedures for honing of precision components.

high end hontechnologie


A glance inside

Honing or long-stroke honing is a machining process with a geometrically undefined cutting edge for the high-precision finishing of bores. The achieved dimensional, geometrical and surface tolerances are less than 1 µm. 

Typical characteristics of the honing process: 

  • Simultaneous overlaying of rotation, oscillation and tool feed
  • Surface contact between the abrasives and the bore lining surface
  • Surface cross-hatch finish as a result of kinematics
  • Coaxial alignment of tool and bore by defined degrees of freedom


Honing procedure at KADIA

Our honing processes are ultra-precise when it comes to fine machining of small to medium-sized bores; and this is a worldwide unique feature. Whether for stock removal and target dimension honing, plateau, or match honing; the honing process relies on our know-how, cutting-edge software and high-tech equipment. 

In order to meet the highest quality demands of our customers, we only develop vertical honing processes for directly driven honing spindles with expanding honing tools. 


Finest industrial manufacturing

This honing technology is indispensable wherever there is a need to improve the functional sliding, guiding or sealing properties of contact surfaces in bores. 

Typical applications include injection systems, vehicle transmissions, turbo chargers, hydraulic components, ceramic workpieces, small engine blocks, connecting rods, lubrication systems, medical and glass applications, as well as in critical components of the military and aerospace industry.

Our honing technology - Your advantages

  • Accurate diameter control 
  • High-precision bore geometries
  • Production of almost any desired surface
  • Nominal diameters starting from 1 mm 
  • Cost efficient production process



hontechnologie anwendungen
honwerkzeug anwendung


Less complexity. More efficiency.

High-precision surfaces and tightest shape tolerances – this is a challenge that we are ready to face on a daily basis in our development work. As part of our innovative honing technology, we coordinate the process steps in a precise, reliable and economical manner. The only way for us to achieve a result worthy of the name KADIA is to optimally interlink all parameters involved in the honing procedure. 

Less complexity and more efficiency – this is what our Smart Dynamic honing technology stands for. The concept is based on two main components: the intelligent HMC100 honing controller and the highly-dynamic LH honing spindles.

smart dynamic hontechnologie


Intelligence meets intuition

HMC100 – this model number defines the honing controller of the future. We are thus setting new standards in the operation of honing machines. In order to reduce complexity and to make honing even easier, we are continuously developing intelligent software. The advantages of a simple navigation structure are transparency and operating safety.

Top highlights:

  • State-of-the-art honing and measuring programs
  • User-friendly 19" touch display
  • Statistics module for process control 
  • Latest generation of hardware with SSD drive 
  • Greatest possible flexibility for future options
hmc panel kadia
lh2 honspindel
lh3 honspindel

Technical data LH2

  • Stroke rate [max.]:
    50 m/min
  • Spindle speed [max.]:
    5,000 rpm
  • Material removal rate [max.]:
    18 mm3/s

Technical data LH3

  • Stroke rate [max.]:
    50 m/min
  • Spindle speed [max.]:
    3,000 rpm
  • Material removal rate [max.]:
    30 mm3/s



    Dynamic – Highly productive – Patented 

    Our patented innovation: the Lean High-speed honing spindles work on the basis of an advanced direct drive technology. Both LH2 and LH3 variants are consistently targeted on dynamics, precision and long service life.

    Top highlights:

    • Compact and modular design
    • Ultra-precise radial spindle runout
    • Stroke drive with 5 year warranty
    • Internal coolant supply to the tool
    • Extremely high material removal rate achievable

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