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Dually award-winning design

02. May 2021

The new E line single-spindle honing machine from KADIA has received not just one, but two prestigious awards: This year's iF Design Award, which it received in March, followed recently by the coveted "Red Dot" award. 

With the generous access areas of its machining space framed in a darker tone, and its minimalist design that features clean, basic forms and smartly placed maintenance openings, the new E line single-spindle honing machine is consequently consistent with...

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Animated film on honing

07. May 2018

This is how kinematics and machining work during honing

Whenever there is a need to improve the functional sliding, guiding or sealing properties of contact surfaces in bores, all roads lead to honing.

In the case of high-precision parts, the achieved dimensional, geometrical and surface tolerances are less than 1 µm. But how exactly does this demanding process work? What are its characteristics?

What is typical to honing is, above all, the simultaneous overlaying of...

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V line – new flexible honing machine

02. May 2021

If the range of workpieces is large and quantities vary, a variable machining unit is needed. KADIA developed the V line for this constellation. The Vario honing machine is a flexible configurable honing solution with 2 or 3 honing stations.

The machine fits in line between the 2-spindle U line universal machine and the R line, which is equipped with up to 6 spindles, and it takes on their strengths: The structure is similar to the U line, very compact, with an integrated...

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EC Brush - new crankshaft deburring machine

13. October 2018

Before crankshafts are finished, careful deburring is a must. In most cases, this is done with the help of a robot that guides the workpieces to a tool console. The programming is extensive, the robot must be taught anew for each workpiece variant.

The EC Brush deburring machine from KADIA is an easy-to-use, cost-effective standard solution. It impresses with high productivity and low support and maintenance costs. The machine has five programmable axes and is flexibly...

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RFID tool identification

11. March 2019

In keeping with the motto "Digitization increases process reliability", KADIA presented a field-proven Industry 4.0 application at the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart: A 2-spindle U line honing machine communicated with XM honing tools via a RFID tag. Important benefits are plausibility checks and the storage of information for later data analysis.

XM honing tools are equipped with read and writeable RFID data memories in which tool-specific identification and geometry data is...

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XC Honing Tools – Two-piece precision tools

02. May 2021

The XC honing tools from KADIA are based on a two-piece construction consisting of tool holder and tool body - C therefore stands for "Combined". A clamping unit allows both tool parts to be connected and disconnected in seconds. The XC tool system convinces with its high flexibility and high accuracy. The available diameters range from 4 mm to 40 mm.

The XC tools have been specially designed for the ultra-precise LH2 honing spindles with 17 mm clamping diameter. Like their...

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Coronavirus: KADIA processes high-precision parts for ventilators

02. May 2021


Medical technology has always been a central field of application for high-precision honing - this is becoming particularly evident these days.

At the Homburg location, KADIA processes linear ball bushings for voice coil motors on a subcontract basis. These electro-mechanical precision actuators control the flow and pressure of breathing gases (air and oxygen) in intensive care ventilators. A failure of these components would be life threatening for the patient.


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New Hybrid Deburr-Robot-Cell - high-pressure jet deburring included

02. May 2021

The mechanical processing of engine blocks leaves many burrs on surfaces, shoulders, bores or threads. Thorough deburring of all edges is therefore required for finishing and assembly. KADIA uses brush deburring for this task whenever possible.

However, with bores < 6 mm in diameter, the limit for brushing has been reached, so that another technology becomes necessary: high-pressure jet deburring. In a new Hybrid Deburr-Robot-Cell, KADIA now integrates both technologies...

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02. May 2021

For the machining of very long bores with diameters < 20 mm, for a long time 3-spindle honing machines were the unsurpassed state of the art. Many KADIA customers all over the world have proven these machines. However, the common process sequence with rough, intermediate and finish honing requires a relatively complex machine concept with high space requirements at corresponding costs.

For KADIA this was one reason to develop a new compact high-performance machine for...

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02. May 2021

Automation made by KADIA: The latest solution for combined deburring and handling of workpieces are multifunctional Deburr-Automation-Cells.

The centerpiece is a robot that performs not only the individual deburring operations, but also all the handling of the workpieces. Which means it loads and unloads a machining center and, if necessary, other connected production units, such as washing or quality stations. The possibilities are extremely diverse.

KADIA designs the...

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X line - new honing center for multiple bores

02. May 2021

KADIA already presented a prototype of the X line at EMO 2019 in Hanover (YouTube-Video). The feedback from visitors to the booth was incredibly positive, so much so that several orders were received in 2020 despite the pandemic.

The X line is a 2-spindle honing center in gantry design that combines flexibility and productivity. The machine's specialty is the sequential machining of several bores on one workpiece carrier.

Inside the X line, two LH3 honing spindles and...

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Stand-alone Plunge Measuring Station for Match Honing

20. October 2021

Match honing, the ultimate challenge in honing, is used whenever an exact match between piston and bore is required. First, the plunger is measured pneumatically, then the target diameter of the bore-to-be-honed is calculated individually. The basis for this is a defined match clearance of usually only a few µm. Normally, measurements and plunger handling are carried out fully automatically in a robot loading cell. If complex automation does not pay off, for example in the...

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Honing of BEV pinion gears with sophisticated design

09. April 2022

Honing of transmission gears has been one of KADIA's core competencies for many years. A honed bore with high dimensional accuracy and optimum surface finish reduces friction and promotes powertrain efficiency. This is particularly true for battery electric vehicles (BEV). System-related high standards of smooth operation are also required here.

Many of the BEV transmissions, some of which are very compact, contain stepped pinion gears with a sophisticated design. For...


X line production cell as a turnkey system

09. January 2023

KADIA recently made a name for itself with a very innovative development.

A leading manufacturer of mobile hydraulic components for forklifts, construction equipment and similar vehicles was looking for a new solution for honing the spool bores in valve bodies.

The accuracy of the honed bore determines the match clearance to the spool, which in turn controls the flow of hydraulic oil. Consequently, the diameter, straightness, roundness, and surface finish of the bores...

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Ultra-fine filtration for maximum quality at minimum operating cost

24. July 2023

The honing process requires thorough cooling, flushing and lubrication of the machining area. Only then can the high quality requirements for honed bores be achieved in a reliable process. Prerequisite is that honing oil arrives at the point of machining at the correct temperature and optimally cleaned.

KADIA meets these requirements with the HFF coolant lubricant filter system designed specifically for this purpose. HFF stands for Honing Fine Filtration system. The unit...

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