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Perfection has no tolerance for burrs


Quality finish for surfaces and edges

Burrs occur in almost all manufacturing processes. In the worst case, they can lead to malfunction of the end product. Therefore, burr-free components are required especially in the automotive and components supply industry.

KADIA has specialized in the mechanical deburring and finishing of surfaces. We develop turnkey systems for the processing of complex workpiece contours. Cost-effective – high-performing – precise.

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Burrs – a definition

Burrs are sharp workpiece edges, which are undesirable from a functional, ergonomic and often from an aesthetic point of view. They occur in numerous machining processes, as a rule, they are not reproducible. This means that their characteristics and dimensions change from workpiece to workpiece. 

In case of machining burrs, a distinction is made between loose burrs, which are relatively easy to remove, and fixed burrs, which require greater deburring effort. 

Mechanical deburring: 100% burr-free

No chance for residual dirt! We are prepared to face the increasing requirements on technical parts cleanliness. We develop the precise fitting deburring process, so that your components are 100 percent burr-free. Whether sharp-edged, rounded or chamfered: the focus is on the individual solution. 

When it comes to removing machining burrs from complex workpiece structures, mechanical deburring is the first choice. This procedure is reliable, cost-effective and quick.

Before deburring

Machining burr
loose or fixed

After deburring


with edge rounding

with chamfer


Definition and features

Mechanical deburring is characterized by the use of directly driven deburring tools. Burr-free components – with rounded or chamfered edges – are created by means of targeted inside and outside deburring. Deburring tools such as brushes, milling cutters, polishing tools and electroplated tools are used. Special versions do also play an important role.

Deburring process at KADIA

KADIA develops highly automated deburring processes for the wet or dry machining of complex components. The many years of experience and in-depth know-how form the basis for meeting the wishes and demands of every customer in an optimal manner. We develop the best possible combination between machines and tools. Individually, results-oriented, targeted.


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Applications for mechanical deburring

Fully automatic robot deburring of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and crankshafts: the deburring technology from KADIA is used especially in engine manufacturing. 

In addition, we supply machines for finishing steering gear racks and drive shafts. Also the processing of large components – partly in combination with high pressure deburring – is one of our tasks.

We also specialize in polishing of small parts, such as control pistons and other rotatory workpieces by means of centerless deburring.

Advantages of mechanical deburring

  • Reliable for complex contours and many materials 
  • Processing of components regardless of shape and size
  • Removal of loose and fixed machining burrs, without restrictions in terms of burr size
  • No component pretreatment necessary
  • No changes in terms of dimensional stability and structure – for example, as a result of chemical or thermal influences
  • High machining flexibility and scalable cycle times
  • Very good automation capacity



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